Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles

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Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles

Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles These easy Christmas pudding oreo truffles can be made in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.  They make a great homemade gift over the holiday season, if you can avoid scoffing them all yourself that is. Ingredients (makes around 30) 300g oreos crushed to fine powder 150g cream cheese Dash of vanilla extract … Read More

DianaEasy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles

Ombre Bath Salts

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Ombre bath Salts

Ombre Bath Salts For Christmas last year, Abbi made a batch of ombre bath salts for her friends as part of their Christmas presents.  They are so easy to make, customised in any colour or any scent. Materials Bath / epsom salts – enough to completely fill jam jar to the top. Jam jar Food colouring Aromatic Oils (2-3 drops) … Read More

DianaOmbre Bath Salts

Air Dried Clay – Nested Cloud Dishes

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Air Dried Cloud Dishes DIY

Air Dried Clay  – Nested Cloud Dishes These nested cloud dishes are made from air dried clay. They are really easy to make, and obviously you could apply the same principle to other shapes. Materials Air dried modelling clay Pencil Greaseproof paper Sharp knife or craft knife Tin Foil Sandpaper There are a number of different air dried clay options … Read More

DianaAir Dried Clay – Nested Cloud Dishes