Recycled Tin Can Photo Pen Pots

recycled pen pots

Recycled Tin Can Photo Pen Pots These recycled tin can photo pen pots are a great way to upcycle the humble tin can. Much like jam jars, in PaintSewGlueChew Towers -not many tin cans make their way to the recycling without first being repurposed into something else. Abbi moved up to Secondary school in September, so we made these as little gifts …

DianaRecycled Tin Can Photo Pen Pots

Stylish Jam Jar Lanterns

Jam Jar Lanterns

Stylish Jam Jar Lanterns Hopefully you haven’t used up all your jam jars on my gold party glasses form last week….or maybe you are like me, and NEVER throw them away  (and sometimes even solicit extra supplies from friends)! If so, you are in luck….another use coming your way….(drumroll)…….. in the form of these five minute, stylish jam jar lanterns. …

DianaStylish Jam Jar Lanterns

Hand Made Gold Jam Jar Glasses

Gold Jam Jar Glasses

Hand Made Gold Jam Jar Glasses This year, it was our turn to host the New Years Eve party.  Over the last few year we have crept up in numbers to 24:  5 families, with 10 adults and 14 children between us. The adults will be eating in the dining room, while the kids will be having pizza and garlic …

DianaHand Made Gold Jam Jar Glasses