Photo Bunting: Party Decorations

Photo Bunting: Party Decorations

Photo Bunting: Party Decorations

Photo bunting is effective, personal (and REALLY cheap) for a party.Photo Bunting: Party Decorations

Materials Needed

  • Photos
  • String
  • Hole Punch


If you go through one of the online printing companies, they have special (and free) offers on all the time.  I got 160 6 x 4 inch prints for £7 including p&p.  This number of prints made over 50m of bunting.

My bunting was for a school leavers party, so I chose a selection of portait and landscape prints of all the children throughout their school career.  I gave all the photos a black border, so they had a uniform feel,  and made the pictures of them in their early years (first joining the school or in reception class) black and white. Punch 2 holes in the top of each picture, thread the string through, and fix with tape at the back.  i didn’t take any photos while I was making the photo bunting, but its fairly self explanatory.

The photo bunting was very popular with the kids and parents.   The pictures on the photo bunting were threaded randomly so guests could wander round the marquee parents trying to recognise the kids at different ages, and kids trying to spot themselves.  As well as this, we made giant engineering prints of the children which were also really popular.Photo Bunting: Party Decorations

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      Thankyou Lady Liberty Hen for (all) your kind comments. I can’t take credit for the original idea – I saw various iterations on pinterest (that source of all inspiration!). I do love that it can be used / themed for any event.

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