Kids Wall Art Ideas

Kids Wall Art Ideas

Kids Wall Art IdeasKids Wall Art Idea

We have a weekend cottage for when we need to get out of London.  The kids share a bedroom.  There were lots of white walls to fill, so I painted some kids wall art – quick and easy canvases to fill up the expanse of blank walls.
The first one is a world featuring  London, our holiday cottage and (of course) Scotland.  My painting skills leave something to be desired, but its quite cartoony, so doesn’t really matter.   I selected three different places that meant something to my kids, and drew a few aspects that were relevant to these locations. Our locations were our house in London, our summer house in the Cotswolds, and The Motherland (Scotland).
As will be apparent to anyone with eyeballs.  I’m no great shakes as an artist.  Luckily its just a case of roughly sketching and then filling in  – like colour by numbers.  Very satisfying.Kids Wall Art Ideas
The second picture I painted is also cartoonish.  This time a picture of the Solar System.  Anyone who can roughly draw (an almost) spherical shape could do something similar.

For those that aren’t aware, the blue and white flag is the Saltire Cross (Scottish Flag).Kids Wall Art IdeasMaybe one day I should tell the kids that Scotland wasn’t really first on the moon.Kids Wall Art IdeasThe great thing about kids art is that anything goes.  You can put up canvases that are far brighter and more daring than you would want to have in the rest of the house.  And when you get sick of them, you can simply paint over the top, and reuse the canvas.

You can also tie in with something educational  – without making it too babyish.  I’d love to hear what artwork you’ve created for your kids rooms.

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  2. I just had to hop over to your blog from Instagram to check this out. I love these! Really unique idea. You did a great job!!


    1. Post

      Thanks for doing that Ash – much appreciated. I only joined instagram a couple of months ago, but absolutely love the friendly people Im meeting there. Have an awesome weekend. Di xx

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