Meoww Le Chat

Meoww Le Chat

Meoww Le Chat

I’ve called this little doodle Meow Le Chat. Meoww Le Chat canvas on a wallWe are under considerable pressure from Abbi to get a hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, pony, giraffe, dog, micro pig (the current preferred favourite), turtle, rat or in fact any furry creature that she can cuddle.  We did once adopt a crayfish for a week until boo hoo, I think I overfed it. (Sorry Nippy – gone to the lake in the sky).  Yikes, its all I can do to keep two children fed and watered never mind adding a helpless animal to the mix.  Our friends in london all seem to have an alarming selection of critters – dogs, cats, hamsters and others.

Thankyou but I would NOT like Abbi to come over and play with your extremely cute and lovable kitten thankyou very much!

Unfortunely Mr PSGC is highly allergic to ALL pets (even the designer hypo allergenic ones), so it’s not happening – But I can blame him and don’t have to be the horrible parent (insert sad face with big sad eyes while I explain this to children!).

Increasingly I realise I am a cat person.  I love their selfish outlook on life, but for now I will have to satisfy myself with Meoww Le Chat, (made with recycled house paint and blackboard paint that we had from a recent room refurb).

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