Mason Jar Mummies and Jam jar mummies

Mason Jar Mummies

Mason Jar Mummies

We often spend Halloween at our house in the Cotswolds.  Everyone there does the trick or treating on the last Saturday of October, regardless of when the 31st falls, as often the kids are away, back at school by then.  The trick or treating has been down, and the haul of sweets consumed, but we are still away from London, so Abbi and I  decided to try and stay in a halloween vibe today.  Roll on Mason Jar Mummies for our witches blood.jam jars wrapped in tape and googly eyes to make Mason Jar Mummies

Materials Needed:

  • Jam Jars
  • Masking tape or bandages (or toilet roll)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Witches Brew or Bats Blood or slime punch
Jam Jars tape and googly eyes on a wooden backdrop Wrap the masking tape around the jam jar, overlapping up and down.  Its ok to leave a few gaps.  Tape wrapped Jam jars with googly eyes Add two google eyes per jar, covering over the top and bottom of the eyes slightly.Jam jar wrapped in tape with eyes Add scary beverage of your choosing, and enjoy.Girl drinking from mason jar mummy

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