Solar System Face Masks

Solar system face masks

Solar System Face Masks

Abbi’s class did their assembly a few weeks ago on the solar system.  Abbi was Mars, and wanted to make a planet face masks for herself and (her friend playing) Earth.  When she took them in to school, the teacher likes them so much, she asked us if we would make the rest of the class solar system face masks.Solar System Face Masks

Materials needed:

  • 3D Glasses, or other non lensed glasses
  • High Resolution Pictures downloaded and printed
  • White Card
  • Craft Knife and Scissors
  • Double Sided tape

I hadn’t realied how many 3D glasses we had amassed – a bit like plastic bags at checkout, you always realise you left them at home when you get to the cinema.  We had 12 pairs!


Downloaded and print decent (high resolution) photos of each of the planets.  Depending on the thickness of your paper, you may want to add card backing.  Also, you may want the planets to be larger than A4.  In which case, download and print in two stages, taping the pieces back together on the card.

Cut out the circle and added eye holes,  Its worth drawing in pencil on the back where the glasses will be before you cut the eyeholes.  Stick double sided tape to the rims of the glasses, and attach to the double sided tape.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of all of the kids in their masks, but the class assembly was brilliant.  The kids did a fantastic job infront of their school mates parents and teachers.

While we were downloading the images for the masks….we got a little sidetracked by these amazing solar system / space related goodies:
These cookies (she calls them calissons) are from Carnets Parisiens
Solar System Face MasksThese cakes are by Cakecrumbs  some amazing cakeage going on here….Planet CakesAnd finally, Creative Kid Snacks used fruits to teach her child the solar system.Solar System Face MasksWhat solar system crafts have you done?

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