Photo Backdrop

Easy Photo Booth Backdrop

Easy Photo Booth Backdrop

Easy Photo Booth BackdropI was asked to set up a photobooth for Abbis leavers party last week.  This photo booth backdrop took around 30 minutes to make, was super cheap, but made a great visual for the kids pictures. I used:


  • An old white superking sized sheet.  Mine was fitted, so I had to lop off the elastic corners!
  • Freezer paper
  • Neon spray paint
  • Masking tape


First cut out your letters from the freezer paper using the same technique we used for Abbis birthday t-shirts. I cut the corners off my sheet so that it would lie flat.  If you dont have a sheet you can sacrifice, you could use a dust sheet (about £10 from hardware store). I used masking tape to mark out the positioning of the letters before I ironed on.  Use a hot iron with the steam function turned off.

Freezer paper craftsIron all the letters into place, and hang up outside to spray paint.   The spray from the paint can carry quite far, so make sure you cover anything in the immediate spray zone.

The best is yet to come These are Abbis favourite projects – the chance to get loose with a spray can!  Cover all of the letters completely so you get good crisp lines when you take the  freezer paper away.Photo Booth backdrop in neon Such concentration….DIY Photo Booth backdrop in neon   And here it is all done.  Its quite difficult to get a perfectly even spray…so we channelled the grunge look. Easy Photo booth backdrop And in operation! Perfect quote for end of school leavers party.  (We made these emojis  props too).

The Party

The photo booth was a huge hit.  Lots of leaping, jumping, posing and being silly.  Kids photo booth idea

TwirlingPhoto Booth backdrop diyJumping

Photobooth Edited 054 Photo Booth backdrop ideas

And the occasional sensible-ish shot with friends too.Photobooth Edited 043
Easy Photo booth back drop

And a lot of photobombing.Photobooth Edited 015I blogged a couple of years back about setting up an unmanned photobooth here. This time we actually used my son and his friends as the photographers (I love a bit of child labour).  But maybe they weren’t working as hard as I thought they were….

IMG_0123 DIY photo booth backdrop

Also this year – in addition to linking my camera through the computer to save and view the photos, I also linked up to the plasma TV in the reception block school hall (hence all the kids toys pushed to the side.


The kids can see the image a second or two after its been taken.IMG_0098I forgot to take any photos of the set up, but its fairly easy:

Set your camera to remote capture, and plug a (long) download cable to your computer through the USB port.  Then use a USB to HDMI cable to link the computer to the TV screen.  Photos will be taken by the camera, saved on the computer, and displayed on the large screen TV.

This picture gives a rough idea.

IMG_0086 copy

All photos uploaded to the cloud after the party, for kids and parents to view and download.

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