Printable photo gift wrap

Printable gift wrap using photos

Printable Gift Wrap using photos

A number of Abbi’s friends had birthdays just before the end of summer term, and the girls were all going their own separate ways after the holidays.  Abbi has had so many memories with these girls (and nothing happens in our house without me whipping out the camera!)  – so I thought it would be nice to use the photos I have taken over the years to make the wrapping paper for their birthday presents.


I used a programme called Pixelmator, but you could easily make them in powerpoint or similar.  I think 8-10 smaller photos work well, as larger photos can get lost in the wrapping.


Overlap the photos to make the collage effect.  Black and white works best, as you can standardise the colours / tones of all the photos in the collage.  Favourite photos should go in the middle so they are visible on the final gift.

I made mine in A3 (and have an A3 printer), but its less than £1 to get A3 printed out in a copy shop.  Obviously for larger gifts, go larger!

I gave A3 copies of the collages or card stock to each of the girls to keep as the printable paper got smooched and ripped in the wrapping process.  These were (almost!) as popular with the girls as the gifts!

printable gift wrap

I’m slightly obsessed with this neon string – its actually builders twine.  The neon contrasts against the black and white really well, and as its simple, doesn’t detract from the photos.  Any bright string or tape would look great.

Who knew builders materials could be so stylish!  I bought it on Amazon in neon yellow and neon pink – there was a neon orange version too, but some reason it was a crazy price.  No orange twine for me.neon builders twineTo go along with the printable gift wrap paper, print out  mini versions of the collages as a gift tags.
IMG_9800 Trim, and punch a hole, before stringing on the parcel.IMG_9806And ta da….Within 10 minute you can make your own personalised gift wrap.

IMG_2367 copy

Printable Gift Wrap

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  1. Love this idea and will definitely be trying this. I use pictures of my girls as gift tags but this is taking it one step further. Or should that be 10 steps. Love it x❤️

    1. Post

      Thanks Lucy. I don’t hoard much (in fact Im am annoyingly ruthless about throwing things away) but I do hoard photos and videos. Always looking for ways to use them. Di

      Ps loved the post today about togas in the classroom. Our school started to go crazy with competitive fancy dressing. Mine were usually sent in wearing some sort of refashioned and not at all impressive bin bag / cardboard box ensemble.

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