Easy Halloween Decorations

Easy Halloween Decorations

Easy Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of the kids favourite holidays.  And why wouldn’t it be? With the opportunity to run around the neighbourhood unsupervised, demanding sweets with menaces!  The holiday has really taken off in the UK in the past 5 years.  It used to be enough to plonk a pumpkin outside your front door for a few hours.  Not any more.

And while we don’t embrace the holiday quite as much as in the USA, the shops in the UK definitely try and make us!  Abbis enthusiasm for this holiday doesnt hurt either!

For the past 5 years, we have spent halloween in our holiday cottage in the Cotswolds.   As a result I haven’t much room to store decorations.  I will admit, each year I succumb to a new selection of goulish severed limbs and skulls, and Abbi and I usually make a few diy halloween decorations to get in to the halloween spirit.

Paper Bats

These easy halloween decorations are all paper, and a great way to cost effectively decorate for a halloween party, without breaking the bank, or needing a separate room to keep them in the rest of the year.

One of the easiest, are these paper bats.  Abbi and I just cut out loads of bat shapes in black craft paper. Put larger ones in the middle and smaller ones on the outside, to make it look like a swarm.  We attached them to the window with white tack.  They are quite ominous and effective as the sun sets.  There are loads of bat templates if you need to copy something.  We did, but Im afraid I can’t remember where we got the shapes.

Easy Halloween Decorations

We also usually make paper ghosts for the windows.  Any wigglyish shape works – these are all from A4 sheets of paper, with some round black ovals / circles for the eyes.

Halloween ghosts diyAnd  they look even better when the sun goes down!IMG_3056And a liberal sprinkling of Boos dotted around.
BooEven the bathroom gets the treatment in our house..Ghost EyesTrying to take a picture of the bathroom ghosts without being in shot is quite tricky!IMG_1612Outside we go for something more goulishIMG_2917IMG_2920IMG_2996

Easy halloween Decorations

Easy halloween DecorationsWhat do you do for halloween?  I’d love to hear about, or see pictures of your decorations.

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  1. Love your paper bats. That is so effective, especially with the different sizes!

    My daughter is afraid of her own shadow, and since both of them are pretty young still, we go for the cutesy stuff rather than scary stuff. This is the first year I’ve really gotten into making stuff for Halloween and have had a few projects on the blog, but I do with Halloween what I do with all other holidays…add a little each year. So the house gets more and more decorated for Halloween the older they get.

    1. Post

      Thanks Carin – We are definitely past the cutesy halloween costumes in our house! Im the same as you – I think about 5 years ago we started making things, and we keep adding to the pile. We add some bought decs – a severed limb or skull / skeleton each year too. Its storing the stuff I find difficult…..we are already busting at the seams with christmas decorations. Hope you enjoy halloween – perfect that its on a Saturday this year too. Im just popping over to your blog to check out your halloween crafts xx

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