Chalk Marker Vases: Easy 5 minute diy

Chalk Marker Vases

Chalk Marker Vases

I am very jealous of people who have a clean and unbending vision of how they want their house to be.

When I peruse pinterest and instagram, I  instantly want my house to be pure white, Scandinavian and minimalist.   The next minute I covet eclectic and pops of colour.

As a child I was forever rearranging my bedroom furniture.  (There weren’t that many options and my room was pretty small),  but its something I haven’t really grown out of.

Mr PaintSewGlueChew frequently comes home to a completely different house, or a piece of furniture stuck half way up the stairs (where I’ve convinced myself I can move it singlehandedly).

I am a big fan of multipurpose items – and I love a home decor or craft idea that has a temporary nature, but that doesn’t feel wasteful.

Ta Da…chalk marker vases:Chalk Marker VasesThese white pots were a few pounds each from Ikea.  Just let your creativity run wild.  The Posca pens come in loads of different colours, and have a really nice flow.    
Chalk Marker ideasAnd easy to remove when you want to change the design (or go back to minimalism!).  simply wipe with a damp cloth.
Chalk Marker craftsThe possibilities are endless – personalised gifts – a different letter on each spelling out a message.
Ideas for ChalkmarkersA picture of the contents?
ChalkMarker VasesA gift: Happy Birthday, Thankyou, New Home etcUnusual Birthday giftsEven the artistically challenged can manage a few spots or dots.Things to do with chalk markersCacti crafts

As well as white pots with coloured chalk markers, you could also use coloured posts and decorate with white chalk paint.

Id love to hear if you think you might make these.  What would you draw?

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