Mr Messy Easy World Book Day Costume

Easy World Book Day Costume: Mr Messy

Easy World Book Day Costume: Mr Messy

Easy World Book Day Costume: Mr Messy

Last weekend I was away on a girls trip, so Abbi had to make her own costume.  A chip off the old block, she came up with this Mr Messy easy world book day costume herself.  It cost only a few pounds, and she pulled it together in less than 15 minutes.

Over the years, I have made my fair share of costumes with the kids for book day.  We’ve done the usual suspects; Hermione Granger and Harry Potter as well as Enid Blytons Magic Wishing Chair with many more in between.  But most of the books that Abbi reads now are about ‘real’ people, not characters. Its not really much fun to dress up as someone in jeans and a t-shirt.

She and her friends racked their brains to come up with something they could do as a group costume.  Most of the suggestions they came up with were film and TV series characters.

I was surprised that they chose kids picture books, and I’m not sure how they finally decided on the Mr Men series, but its a great theme, as there are loads of characters to choose from, and the drawings simple, so its easy to get the essence of the character, without having to make a head to toe costume.


  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Pink and black puffy paint
  • Optional pink wig  – (declined by Abbi) or pipe cleaners (not picked up by me)


Abbi chose Mr Messy as her character.

Squirt the pink puffy paint in a scribble over the front of the t-shirt.  Add squiggly legs and hands. Leave to dry before adding eyes and a mouth in black.

If you dot have puffy paint, use a sharpie (but put something inside the t-shirt while you scribble to avoid bleed through to the back)

The whole costume can be made for a few pounds, and Abbi will use hers as a sleeping t-shirt after book day.

I suggested to Abbi that a pink afro wig would look great, but she didn’t want to include it.  we did intend to add pink pipe cleaners to a messy bun, but the craft store didn’t have any.

Easy World Book Day Costume: Mr Messy Easy World Book Day Costume: Mr Messy

I haven’t managed to get any shots of Abbi wearing the outfit (or of her friends), but will try and post some if the girls took pictures.

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