personalised message vase

Personalised Message Vase – Easy DIY

Personalised Message Vase – Easy DIY

This personalised message vase is a great way to gift flowers – And the recipient doesn’t even need to find a vase or arrange them!  So its great for busy (and lazy) friends.  A friend of mine had surgery recently and was immobile and confined to barracks for a few weeks.  I popped round with these flowers to cheer her up.

personalised message vase

Now I’m not saying that these will be more gratefully received than a bottle of vodka, or a bottle of plonk (but maybe thats just my friends). But for times when you want to give flowers they make a nice touch. You can customise the personalised message vase with whatever message suits your occasion.   They are especially good for new baby and new home, when the recipient may run out of vases!Personalised vase


  • Jam jar – a large nutella jar is perfect for this much to my childrens delight!
  • Puffy Paint
  • Printer
  • Flowers


Clean the jar, and remove any residue of label and glue.  Print out your message in a pretty script.  The paper and writing need to be small enough to fit on the side of the jar.

decorate a vase Place inside the jam jar, if necessary hold in place with a piece of tape.Ideas for decorating a vase Trace over the text with the puffy paint.decorate a mason jar I added some little spots in a different colour.decorate a vase Then for some unexplainable reason, I added some food colouring to the water. (The photos make this look far more ghastly than it actually was -promise!) No matter, you get the idea of the vase.personalised vaseget well soon ideas

These take about 10 – 15 minutes (plus drying time), depending upon the length of your message.

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