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Fluffy Lamb Gift Wrap for Easter Eggs

This fluffy lamb gift wrap for easter eggs makes a fun easter craft for little ones, and an especially cute way to gift easter eggs.

Easter eggs wrapped up like fluffy lambs


  • Easter Egg or gift ideally in a rectangular box
  • White paper
  • Black Paper
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Glue and or double sided tape


Wrap the top half of the box in black paper. This represents the lambs head. The bottom half should be wrapped in white paper for the body of the lamb. All we had available was this textured paper, which is quite thick, and difficult to wrap. We struggled to get a neat finish. But it doesn’t matter, as the paper will be largely covered up by the cotton wool anyway.

Cut 8 strips of black paper, and fold them in a concertina, so they are springy.

paper legs

Cut 4 black paw shapes, and some contrasting white paw beans, and glue or tape them together.

I’m pretty sure lambs don’t have 3 toes, but we opted for cute over reality!

Use double sided tape to attach the feet to the legs and the legs to the body.

Lamb Gift wrap

Cut an ear shape, and fold over to give three dimensional effect. Glue to the top of the head. Add eyes and a mouth.

lamb gift wrap

Glue the cotton wool balls over three sided of the body.

Lamb Gift Wrap

And ready to gift. Almost too cute to rip open! But sadly when chocolate is involved, these lambs have to be sacrificed.

Fluffy Lamb Gift Wrap Craft

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