Christmas Card Idea

DIY Christmas Card Idea

DIY Christmas Card Idea

DIY Christmas Card IdeaEvery year (while my children will still allow me to exploit them), I make a DIY Christmas Card involving them.

They are getting to that age, when they are less than willing to don novelty jumpers or antler ears for the Christmas Card Photo.  They are however, suckers for bribery, and are usually more obliging with my requests while they involve food. This year, we spelled out the message in food for the front of the card:

Christmas Photo Idea

Then I add a calendar of photos for what we’ve been up to for the year:

DIY Christmas card ideas

And because I am super lazy, I usually scan in our messages, so I don’t have to write them out hundreds of times. In case the letters on the front weren’t obviously “Merry Christmas” – you know, maybe our friends open their cards after a few egg nogs, (or maybe i’d taken the photos and they looked cute, and I didn’t want to waste them ok!)

Merry Christmas Food



And because Im addicted to Instagram – heres my instagram version:

Merry Christmas
Wishing everyone a wonderful Fun filled Christmas and New Year, and a prosperous and healthy 2015!

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