Brioche Pate Heart Nibbles

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Brioche pate heart nibbles

Brioche Pate Heart Nibbles

Brioche Pate Heart Nibbles

Regular visitors to this blog may know that it was our families turn this year to host the Hogmanay (New Years Eve) party.

For the starter that night I planned to make a thai fish soup that I had eaten at a friends house a month before.  The soup was made….but about 2 hours before guests arrived I tasted it….and aaaargh!  Nothing like the amazing fragrant light but spicy version my friend served me.  Mine was like nuclear fuel.  A bubbling cauldron of spider venom.

Practically melting the pan, I asked Mr PaintSewGlueChew to have a sample to see if possibly I was over reacting.  Cut to Mr PSGC (through tear streaming eyes and sweat dripping down his brow) scraping at his tongue and gasping for water.

Not sure how to transform toxically charged soup so that I don’t give my guests a heart attack, I decided to ditch it and do loads of nibbles instead of a starter.

These brioche pate heart nibbles were a last minute fancy pants canapé that you can whip up from things you may well have in your fridge.

There is of course no obligation to make them into heart shapes, but these would be perfect for a valentines dinner too.
brioche rolls Slice the brioche buns in half, and use a small heart shaped cutter to make the bases.  There is a fair bit of wastage……but I usually have a few helpers hand to scoff the scraps.

If you want to avoid any off cuts (and don’t want to make your nibbles ridiculously kitsch like me).  They could be sliced into quarters instead.

IMG_5008Place on a baking sheet and grill lightly.  You only need to grill the outer side.

brioche toasted heartsThe brioche goes best with a smooth pate or parfait.  I used Brussels pate…feel free to substitute whatever pate you wish.

I also used Waitrose caramelised onion relish for ease. Substitute with your homemade caramelised onions if you can be bothered.
Once the toasts have cooled, spread with a thin layer of pate.IMG_5052 And a dollop of onion relish.IMG_5053Garnish the nibbles with a bit of greenery:
brioche and pate heartsAnd add drinks.
cocktails and nibbles
Brioche Pate Heart Nibbles

DianaBrioche Pate Heart Nibbles