Left Over Lamb pie

Left Over Roast Lamb Pie

Left Over Roast Lamb Pie

This left over roast lamb pie is not so much a ‘recipe’, more a suggestion for sparking new life into left over roast.

Left over roast lamb pie

Mr PaintSewGlueChew got a new barbecue last year.  To say he’s an enthusiastic griller would be a bit of understatement.  Any opportunity to fire it up and head to the butchers, and he’s there.  But we have to work a bit on portion control.  He seems to think we are catering for the whole street.

This inevitably leads to leftovers.  Lots of leftovers.

There are only so many sandwiches or plates of cold meat and salad I can pawn off on the kids, so I’m always on the look out for creative ways to use them up.

This is how much we have left over, even after our greedy family has had a good go.  Delicious first time round, its really not that tasty when its been lurking in the fridge for a day.
Left over lamb pie


Per 100g of meat:

  • per 100g Left over lamb meat
  • 50g left over gravy, supplemented with more stock as required. (or see substitute* below)
  • 150g potato
  • 5-10g butter
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste.

The quantities will depend completely on how much left over roast you have.  Quantities have therefore been given as an amount per 100g of cooked meat.  If you want to add out the meat and make it go further, you could add combinations of sauted mushrooms, leeks, bacon.  Or if there are any left over vegetables from your roast, chop them and add too!

*If you dont have any gravy, add a teaspoon of flour to the lamb mince, and add lamb stock (using a stock cube) with a dash of worcester sauce instead.


Strip the meat off the bone and and mince finely in a blender.Left over lamb pie Add to ramekin dishes, along with left over gravy, and top with mashed potato.

If you don’t have any left over gravy, saute an onion until soft, add a little flour to thicken and some beef or lamb stock.  Simmer for 10-15 minutes to reduce before adding to the meat.Left over lamb pie Left over lamb pieThe idea of mincing the meat would work equally well with beef or pork. Left over roast lamb pie Left over roast lamb pie

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